Our Responsibility Elevating Experiences, Empowering Accountability

Practical Actions
Here are some tangible steps we've taken to improve the environment:
Fleet Electrification

As part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing emissions, Booking Group has seamlessly integrated electric vehicles (EVs) into our car rental fleet offer.


Offices Our offices are equipped with energy-efficient technologies, from LED lighting to smart HVAC systems, reducing our energy consumption.

Green Initiatives

We participate in programs to enhance green spaces and the environmental quality in the regions where we operate.

Achievements and Future Plans

We take pride in our achievements thus far, including a significant reduction in carbon emissions and our active participation in local environmental initiatives. Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to further improve our sustainability efforts, with a clear focus on reducing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and supporting eco-friendly technologies. Together, we can make a positive impact on the planet while offering top-notch car rental services.


reduction in carbon emissions by 2030


sourced of energy from renewable sources


increase renewable energy usage by 2024


reduced waste generation through recycling and waste reduction programs


aim to reduce water consumption by an additional by 2025


reduced packaging materials in product packaging

Achievements and Plans

We are proud of the achievements we’ve made in the realm of social responsibility. These include significant contributions to charitable causes, volunteer hours dedicated to community service, and impactful partnerships with non-profit organizations.
Moving forward, we have ambitious plans to expand our social responsibility efforts, with a strong focus on supporting education, fostering inclusivity, and creating opportunities for those in need. We are committed to continuously improving and making a meaningful and lasting difference in the communities we serve.


double the community donation 2024


representation of underrepresented minorities in the workforce within the next 2 years


scholarships and training opportunities in the coming year


achieve a reduction in employee sick days next year


ensure suppliers audits and compliance in the coming year


conduct 5 charitable initiatives in 2024

At Booking Group, our corporate responsibility is built upon a foundation of unwavering principles and ethical standards that guide our every action. These principles include:

We uphold the highest standards of honesty in all our interactions, both within the company and with external stakeholders.


We are committed to transparency in our business operations, providing clear and open communication to all parties.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect and uphold the fundamental human rights of all individuals, both within and outside our organization.

Fair Competition

We engage in fair competition, adhering to principles of integrity and healthy market competition.

Risk Management and Legal Compliance

Booking Group takes a proactive approach to risk management, ensuring the highest level of legal compliance in all the countries and regions where we operate. We continuously assess and mitigate risks associated with our activities to safeguard the interests of our stakeholders.

Sustainable Development Strategies

Our strategies for sustainable development are aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and promoting resource efficiency. This includes measures to minimize waste, lower emissions, and increase energy efficiency. We are dedicated to making environmentally responsible choices in our operations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Booking Group actively engages with a diverse range of stakeholders, including customers, partners, employees, and society at large. We maintain an open dialogue and collaboration with various groups, ensuring their voices are heard and considered in our decision-making processes. Feedback mechanisms are in place to facilitate continuous improvement based on stakeholder input.